Pandit Jasraj

My first listen to his concert was in 1975 at Hubli. It was around the time that I was getting introduced to the hindustani music and little did I realize or know about Hubli-Dharwad being a center for hindustani music at that time. I still remember listenting to his Poorya Dhanasri to a packed auditorium.

Digressing since I am in the Hubli context, I used to participate in music competitions at Hubli and it was quite a unique experience because I on the violin and another girl who lived a few houses away on vocal were the only ones rendering in the carnatic style and I bet that created enough headache for the organizers and judges. In any case, we were clubbed together as a single group!! I remember one judge commenting that we should have tabla support!

The next time I listened to Pt. Jasraj was at IIT Mumbai during the Mood Indigo festival in 1980 or 1981, which was an interesting one for multiple reasons. The concert started only around 11:30pm or so instead of the announced 10:00pm which i think did not bother him.. As he started, the audotorium lights were switched off leaving just the stage lights; he stoppped and asked the lights to be turned on saying that he wants to see the audience and that this was a not a movie people have to watch. A short time later, he noticed a bunch of people lying down in the area between the stage and the first row of seats (very normal while watching movies every weekend), and he stopped and asked them to go sit in the seats and also commented that he did not watch their feet while singing 🙂 🙂

I remember him singing Gorakh Kalyan which was very good. Towards he started with Bhairavi at which time he had his daughter join him; she was in her early teens and it was clear she did a great job based on his nods of appreciation at various times.

Here are some recordings with the rags in alphabetical order !! I cannot vouch for all the rags to be correct; please me know if there are errors.

Abiri Todi



Asa Mand







Bhinna Shadja


Bilaskani Todi

Darbari Kanada


Din ki Puriya

Gorakh Kalyan

Gujri Todi

Gunji Kanada


Huseni Kanra


Jaijaiwanti Desh ki Ang

Jaiwanti Todi


Kaunsi Kanada


Khamaj Bahar

Komal Rishab Asaveri




Miya ki Todi

Miya Malhar

Miyan ki Sarang



Nat Narayani

Nayaki Kanada


Puriya Dhanasri

Puriya Kalyan

Sahana Kanada


Shudh Kalyan

Shudh Nat

Shudh Sarang

Sughrai Kanada

Suha Kanada

Jog with ??? Brothers – Need help on identifying the brothers