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While growing up in the 70s, Radio and LP player at home was the main source of music; In the early 80s while staying in the US, I came into buying a bunch of Vinyls from labels like ‘Nonesuch Records’ of KVN, Ramnad Krishnan etc who were recorded during their visits to Wesleyan in the 60’s.

These records and many others that were purchased in the 70s have been sitting with me waiting thanks to my lethargy. And a couple of months ago, my daughter Kavita who spent 7 weeks in Maine returned with a couple of Vinyls (Western Classical music) that she got for a couple of dollars from a library.

That was enough motivation to look for Vinyl players which I got to see in some stores and I thought these had gone out of circulation, I looked around and found players that connect through the USB port providing digital output from the Vinyl records !

I got one of these without fretting over the quality of the cartridge which I remember was a big deal in those days. Given the age of the record and scratches I found that the output was not too shabby and for purposes of listening to what I have collected over the years, I decided to plunge into the digitization.

The process has been very nostalgic bringing back the memories behind purchase of these records – after all it was luxury to purchase the LP’s in those days. And many of these played so many times over that I am surprised at their quality after all these years. If my memory serves right the first LP that was played in our home was M S Gopalakrishnan with T V Gopalakrishnan in which he plays ‘bhavanuta’ in mohanam.

Carnatic Collection

M S Gopalakrishnan with T V Gopalakrishnan – 1973

M S Gopalakrishnan with M G Narmada and Vellore Ramabhadran – 1983

Violin Venu Veena – Lalgudi Jayaraman, N Ramani, R Venkataraman with U K Sivaraman and TK Murthy – 1967

Violin Venu Veena – Lalgudi Jayaraman, N Ramani, R Venkataraman with U K Sivaraman and Vinayakaram – 1971

T N Krishnan with T V Gopalakrishnan – 1985

Lalgudi Jayaraman with Srimati Brahmanandam, U K Sivaraman and Alangudi Ramachandran

L Shankar with U K Sivaraman and Zakir Hussain

K V Narayanaswamy with V V Subramaniam and Pallakad Raghu

Ramnad Krishnan with V Tyagarajan and T Ranganathan

Karaikuruchi Arunachalam

Krishna Ganam by Needamangalam Krishnamurthy Bhagavathar (Karaikudi Mani & Vinayakaram)

M Balamuralikrishna with M S Gopalakrishnan and T V Gopalakrishnan

K S Narayanaswamy with Pallakad Raghu

M S Subbulakshmi with M S Gopalakrishnan and T K Murthy

M S Subbulakshmi – Kamaskhi Suprabatam + other compositions on Kamakshi

5 thoughts on “From Vinyl Records

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  2. I really enjoyed the L Shankar one just now and thanks as it appears to be a rare one during his perhaps pre-US emigration times. Not sure and perhaps you can clarify on its timing. Thank U Mr. Shankar !

    • This LP was released in the 80’s. By then, I believe he was already in the US. He plays on his double violin too.

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