YAB or Yet Another Blog is what i would like to call it. With millions of people blogging away, one is left to wonder – who on earth reads my ramblings 🙂

In any case, i am one more in the pool of random ramblers whiling away my time instead of doing something useful (which is pretty subjective anyway).

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    • Sorry, I don’t have any if his recordings; the only one I have is a duet of Lalgudi Jayaraman and Doraswamy Iyengar. I will try posting it in the near future.

  1. Namaskaram Sri Shankar

    Thank you for your wonderful uploads.Special thanks for the MSG Sir Thodi. I am wondering if you are Shankar from Delhi… B/o of Meera … Radha Mami’s son??? You may not remember …Have fond memories from 70s… I am hoping I connected the right dots here 🙂 …
    Thank you once again for the wonderful recordings.


  2. I would like to have the mp3 (downloadable) of ALL the songs of Dr.Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer. Kindly do the needful.

    I like him very much (in fact He is the Best for me, if is Carnatic Music, though I dont know anything about Carnatic Music)

      • Dear Sir, It’s so nice of you to be sharing all these recordings.. I tried to download one of the files as you mentioned.. The file name shows up as ‘https://archive.org/embed/013LGJSrimatiUKS’ and when I use that link, the audio file shows up but right clicking on it doesn’t give me any option to ‘save the audio as’.. it just says ‘powered by JW player’..

      • I have not looked at the comments for a while and hence the delayed reply.
        On the player strip, you see an icon with 4 vertical pillars; click on that and you will be taken to the archive.org page for that recording. On the right side you will see a list of files and a link ‘Show All’; click on that link and you will see a list of files listed on a new page. You should click on the file with the extension “.mp3” and it will download the file for you.
        Hope this helps.

  3. Thank you for uploading some excellent musical pieces/concerts . As a request , it would be nice if you can upload some recordings of Ustad Rashid Khan, Ustad Nazakat and UstadSalamat Ali Khan and Pt. Ajoy chakraborty. Thanks

      • Thank you for the quick update. It seems to affect only some concerts (for eg. KVN concerts work on chrome). Great collection!! Have really enjoyed these concerts.

      • The recordings uploaded to archive.org in the recent past are the ones that are impacted. Did not get much help from the forum too 😦

  4. You are providing us with a treasure of CM by Stalwarts. Extremely happy in enjoying your huge collection.Earlier I had enjoyed MDR & DKJ’s concerts.Now I’m just hooked to MMI’s concerts.Quality of recording is excellent and we feel as though we are in a Sabha enjoying these concerts.As rasikas we immensely thank you for this novel gesture. Looking forward to many,many more uploads.Wish you all the Very Best and with kind regards,VS Manjunath

  5. Hi Shankar:

    You are doing an excellent job in posting the full concerts. Could you please contact me by E-mail?

  6. In the first concert of K.S. Gopalakrishnan, the Hamsanandi track does not seem to be a thillana. I think it is Eru Mayil – Arunagirinathar.

    Following Eru Mayil, he plays Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma before concluding with managlam.

    I welcome guests’ comments.

  7. In K.S. Gopalakrishnan’s second US concert, Pahi Jagajjanani sounds iike Pahi Mam Jagajjanani. I listened to the same krithi by Kudamloor Janardhanan and he also plays likewise.

    By the way, Gopalaka Pahimam is missing in the second US concert of KGS.

  8. In K.S. Gopalakrishnan’s second US concert, the second song sounds like Gajavadana Karuna, rather than Ini Oru Kanam. Any comments? I could be wrong.

  9. In K.S. Gopalakrishnan’s fifth concert (4 hours and 27 minutes), the varnam does not sound like Kambodhi to me. I think it is Nata by either Swathi Thirunal or Paramewara Bhagavatar..

    • Yes; I used the notes that came with the recording which was clearly wrong; I must not have heard it while posting over here 😦

  10. The very first Krishna Gana Sabha concert of Voleti that you have posted is his Academy 1982 concert according to my database.

  11. You have an impressive Voleti collection.

    Permit me to make one correction to the song lists.

    In concert 8 marked (Some versions of Chrome may not play this track.”, there is a listing for vanitarunee – Huseni. It should read as “Vanitaro i vanne – Anandabhairavi – Dasu Sriramulu”

    This song appears in more than one Voleti concert. Everywhere it is listed as in Huseni. See the concert marked ‘Assorted Set’ – the last song.

    It would be helpful in providing comments if you could number the concerts.


  12. In Voleti’s concert number 15 (LGJ and Guruvayur Dorai – 2:33:00), the krithi ‘Maragadavallim – Varali’ should read as ‘Marakata mani varna rama nanu maravaka nyayama – Varali – Saint Thyagaraja’.

    The Krithi ‘Marakathavalleem’ is in Kambhoji, composed by Muthuswami Dikshitar.

  13. In Voleti’s concert number 27, ‘Kelati Mamahrrdaye’ should read as ‘Khelati Brahmande’. Raga is Sindhubhairavi. Composer is Sadasiva Brahmendra.

  14. Again, in Voleti’s concert 33 (assorted set), Sri Venugopala is in Kurinji, not Kedaragowla. The composer is Muthuswami Dikshitar.

  15. Sir namaste.

    In TNS section and few other sections it says “secure connection failed” inspire of loading it in Firefox .

    I request you to kindly look into this and solve it to enable us to listen to these beautiful concert.

    Thanks in advance


    • Please use Firefox for these; Chrome and Archive as a combo had a problem in the upload process for a period causing this problem; I will try addressing this problem sometime by uploading these concerts all over again.

    • Thanks for notifying me. I did not see this error when I viewed immediately after the post.
      It appears that two of the tracks hosted on archive.org are being determined as a security issue by Chrome. FireFox does not complain however !!
      I have removed the reference to the two tracks for now.

  16. NO MORE YAB (Yet another blog) Kudos to your efforts in maintaining and updating this blog. I have been generally following your posts sporadically. Heartwarming to see the periodic additions. Your blog is now an institution in itself and not just one of those blogs.

  17. Hari Om,

    I came across this blog while searching for Volerti. I really admire your work. Please add concerts of Pinakapani Sir if have any.

    Thank you.


  18. Delighted to see your uploads .As an avid music lover these are treasures .Somu is a favourite of mine besides ,GNB,Alathur ,MMI ,Semmangudi,KVN ,MS,MLV,DKP and so many others .Any concert of Somu you could upload ?

  19. You are doing a great service to Carnatic music fans. Being a die hard fan of Madurai Mani Iyer and M S Gopalakrishnan, I have one request please see if you can find and share the EP record featuring the afore mentioned artists, which was made in 1963. With Umayalpuram Shivaraman on mridangam. The EP record has the alapana of Shanmukhapriya on one side and the song Marivere dikkevaraya rama composed by Patnam Subrahmania Iyer in Shanmukhapriya on the other side. I have been trying very hard to find this record but no success as yet. Thank you.

    • I do not see any issues with the page. I was able to listen without any issues. Suggest you try with another browser or some other computer.

      • Thanks for your quick reply. However I tried to listen in Firefox and it is okay. But I am unable to download for posterity as Kaligiyunte is too good sir. May I request you to give me a link to these files when convenient to you?: 1. Kaligiyunte with Papa (20 minutes or so) 2. Varamulosagi (18:40) 3. & 4. Jayamahishasura (14:40/10:15).
        Thanks in advance. God bless you.

        P.G. Aiyar

      • All the concerts of RKS are in archive.org and you can download the files by getting to the page on archive.org.
        In the player strip, click on the image with 4 columns (like a greek ruin) and it will take you to the page on archive.org; You will see download options on the right side of the screen; Click on VBR MP3 and the specific tracks you want to download. Hope this helps.

  20. Hi Mr. Krish,

    Would you happen to have any recordings of KVN in 1977 in his tour of Europe with Palghat Raghu. He has performed many concerts in Geneva and other cities.

    If you do, if you could post them that would be amazing.

    Thank you so much.

  21. I am a regular visitor to your blog and always have a sense of indebtedness looking at the wide range of uploads. I came across this jaw-dropping Simhanandana taala performed by Smt. Suguna Purushothaman. I felt your blog is the best forum to share the video with you and all other like-minded persons.

    Kind regards,

  22. Dear Sir, it is wonderful to browse through your collection which i just did on coming to know of it this morning. Recordings of old masters, who are no more with us, serve posterity besides giving us immense listening pleasure at the click of a button. Artistes like Pasupati, Sundaresan, S.V. Parthasarathy, T.V. Namasivayam, V.V. Sadagopan, Sattur A.G. Subramanian are rarely known, much less heard. In case you have them (except Pasupati which you already have), request you to upload. Also, on the nadaswaram front, players like Arunachalam. Warm regards.
    R.V. Easwar

  23. Thanks very much for the way you have chosen to while away your time! Just now, I was going through your list of 78 RPM recordings. There is one I have been looking for, for a long time. We had one copy growing up, but it was destroyed in one of those monsoon floods. Nobody seems to know of it. This is M S singing Subramania Bharathi’s yAmarinda mozhigaLile. Beautiful piece. I hope that you are able, while whiling away your time, to run into it!

  24. I have a concert of madhuri mani Iyer. I downloaded from internet long long ago. Shall I send it to you? So that you can upload here? Audio needs to be processed. It’s a recording with commentary by janakiraman.

  25. Hello, my name is Mangalam Shankar and I’m a disciple of Shri TMT. I would really like to get a copy of these recordings if possible – to add to my collection. Please do let me know how I can reach you to discuss.

    Thanks in anticipation, Mangalam

    • Hello,
      Wonderful to know that you are a disciple of TMT whose music I love very much. You can download quite easily. On the player control, you will see a building like image with 4 pillars, Click on that and you will be taken to a page on archive.org; on that page you will see download options on the right side of the screen (you may have to scroll down); from that list you should click on the “VBR MP3” to download the MP3 file for the concert.
      If you have issues, I can look into other options for you to download the file.


  26. Hello Sir,

    I am Tenzin Zompa, a journalist at ThePrint, a media organisation based in New Delhi. I am currently writing a feature on the legendary violinist M.S. Gopalakrishnan and his journey to becoming one of the best solo violinists in India. I am amazed by the collection of the recordings you have on this blog and would to hear your thoughts on MSG’s violin playing techniques and some of your favourites from his performances. Please write back to me on tenzin.zompa@theprint.in at the earliest. I think there would be no better person to interview than you (a REAL die-hard fan) for this piece. Can’t wait to hear from you!

  27. I tried to post this at your section on Kumar Gandharva, but I did not succeed. Here it is again:

    Here is a quote from PaNDit Kumar Gandharva (from memory): In my presentations, I do not sing. I just sing what the Tanpura asks me to sing.”

    This is a point which is forgotten by users of the electronic tanpura. A real Tanpura produces harmonics or svayambhoo svara-s and they have tremendous evocative power — the power that PaNdit-ji poetically refers to as the source of his melodic ideas. As he had deep avadhAnam, he hears many of those harmonics (13 in all, some say) and those mysterious sounds stimulate his melodic imagination — this is my interpretation. I say this with the awareness that supporters of the electronic tanpura will shower abuse on me. Let them. God knows what a real Tanpura can do — both in the music creator and the listener. DKM Kartha

    • I have read that article as i subscribe to Sruti. I will add this link to the track on the blog so that people can get details on that specific RTP which is a fabulous one.
      Please share your name and the BVB timelines.

  28. Hi sir, hope you’re keeping well and thank you for this wonderful blog!

    If possible could you add concerts of Sri Trichur V Ramachandran? Specifically, would you happen to have all of the concerts from his 1981 US Tour (with Sri Trichy Sankaran and Sri MS Anantharaman)? Some are available on Sangeethapriya and Youtube such as Los Angeles, Ottawa, Houston and Vancouver, however, I feel that there are many more out there!

    Any uploads would be much appreciated sir!

    Kind regards,

    • I know that I have one of his concerts from that tour. Anyway, I will check and see the concerts I have and post them. Not sure about the timeline though.

  29. Sir, On the TNS concerts from the US tour of 1983 which you have uploaded a few changes pointed out by TNS Dir himself are :
    All the concerts were played by Sri Srimushnam RajaRao sir and not any by Sri.Ramesh .Sri Ramesh did not travel at all to the US in that period
    Ramnad Sri Raghavan played mridangam couple of vocal concerts, one veena concert and Kanjira for concert at Oberlin college- Cleveland.
    If possible you may want to change the above.
    Also not sure if you will be interested in joining a WA group discussing TNS Sir’s music – please let me know will share the invite for you to join. Quite a few students and rasikas of TNS Sir’s music have expressed their thanks to you for this cataloguing and sharing of these concerts.

    • Thanks for providing the correct information. If you can indicate the concerts where Ramnad Ragavan played, I can add those details in addition to correcting the info about Ramesh.
      Good to know that student’s of TNS are listing to this collection.

  30. Thank you for updating Sri S V Raja Rao as mridangam artist . The concert for which Sri Ramnad Raghavan played does not appear in the list . So think we are good as of now. Where are you currently located ? I am in Eastern Time North America – Will be nice to connect – If possible please share your co-ordinates – think you will have my email through these posts or you can share yours if you have a social or linkedin profile.

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