Jaunpuri Collection

Added a bunch of recordings in Rag Jaunpuri today. As we know a whole lot of film music (pick any language) is based on classical ragas with quirks added by the composer, specially if you look at the music from the 50’s and 60’s and later too in the south (Bharati Raja for instance). Even modern folks like A R Rehman use ragas; unfortunately i am not serious follower of film music and hence cannot point out examples.

Getting back to Jaunpuri, I found that my collection had a bunch of hindi film songs that are based on this rag. I have started off the page with at set – perhaps that will set the mood for the rag, before one settles down to listen to the remaining tracks. Frankly, some of the artists are totally unknown to me (have not heard of them and I did not try Googling for them).

If you are wondering my choice of rags for the posting of hindustani recordings, there are two reasons. As I mentioned earlier on, my HM recordings organized by rag !! Secondly it is based on requests. I am open for the next set of preferred rags that you would like me to post.

With the formal arrival of Spring, my thought is to consider Bahar which is supposed to be associated with spring. Spring did arrive where I live with snow showers leaving us wondering when we actually see the spring arriving 😦