Added some Hindustani recordings today. Much as I would like to organize them by artist, because of the way the recordings are organized on my drive, I am going to push recordings by the ‘rag’.

I have added Marwa and Shyam Kalyan as the set for today.

Shyam Kalyan by Venkatesh Kumar is a favorite of mine. Do check it out on the Shyam Kalyan Page.

A haunting recording that I listen very often is a short piece by Jitendra Abhisheki in Suha.


Added page for S Kalyanaraman. The recordings for him are nicely grouped based on violin accompaniment. So I am starting the page with MSG as the accompaniment first and then will follow up with others. Also, the concerts are broken down to the tracks level and that makes the upload process and setting up the page more time consuming. This page will be in an update mode for a reasonable period of time given the number of concerts that I need to upload.

Happy Listening.

I had stopped digitizing my cassettes 10+ years ago. The process was quite painful and so was the connecting the tape deck to the machine etc. Finding that I had concerts that were still not out in various sources of concerts, I started looking for options and in a short time I found this deviceĀ and ordered it. I started digitizing some tapes and so far it has been a breeze !! For anyone looking to digitize, this walkman sized device is a great one to work.


Added pages for Voleti Venkateswarulu and K V Narayanaswamy. I have added only some concerts and many more are to be included.

My plan was to add a page for S Kalyanaraman – but found that the recordings need some cleaning up and signal boosting. Also I am contemplating whether to combine tracks of a concert or just upload them as tracks and include them in the pages as tracks. Both these approaches require work, but wondering about the better option.