T V Sankaranarayanan

Added some recordings of TVS 🙂


As I was typing his name in the blog and the page, I realized his name has one vowel occurring more times than the rest of the alphabets together !!

I have always loved his concerts, the vigor and enthusiasm with which sings and well planned concerts that typically leaves you wanting for more at the end of the concert.

In the forums, I have seen a lot of criticism about his seemingly limited repertoire which to me is total nonsense. Performers all around the world and as was his guru MMI knew that larger audience was key to the success of any concert and therefore choose to always sing pieces that they are known for and they have come to listen to – that in my view is his model for structuring his concerts. A careful review of performances of any leading musician will tell you the same story – not limited to the CM world. Can one think of any other reason why people still listen to a handful of hindi film songs from the 60’s and 70’s of Mohammad Rafi or Lata or Kishore Kumar?