Dr S. Ramanathan

He is another musician I have not had an opportunity to listen in person and added to that is the fact that I was quite unaware of him and his music for what i can say were my early listening time. Obviosuly it was my shortcoming and perhaps lack of initiative in looking for high quality musicians in those days.

It was indeed a rude surprise that I got to know of him and his music from my aunt Late Savitri Satyamurthy (violin) who used to accompany him in a lot of concerts. She not only got me hooked into his music but also helped me in getting hold of a copy of his Music Academy concert of 1985 !! One of the recordings below has my aunt accompanying in a radio concert 🙂

All I can say is that I enjoy his music tremendously and his unique approach in employing gamakams from minimal to the so called normal levels brings out a beauty that are beyond my ability to explain. One composition that left an indelible mark is ‘vEl edutta kaiyyE ‘ in toDi – not a very often heard composition.

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How to download?

I have been receiving a number of requests on how one can download the mp3 files rather than have to stream the music all the time. I am sure people with some technical knowledge would have figured out this by now.
It is quite simple. Here is what you want to do on the page containing the music:

  1. Click on the right mouse button and you will see a popup with a bunch of options
  2. Select the ‘View Page Source’ option; note the exact text may differ between browsers
  3. You will see that a new tab will open up with a load of HTML code
  4. On this tab, click Ctrl and F keys together and you will a search box display – the location of this varies from browser to browser.
  5. Search for “src=”https://shankarkrish”
  6. The browser will point to one of the entries with the full mp3 file URL. For example “https://shankarkrish.s3.amazonaws.com/Music/MSG/54%20PSI-MSG-MSA-TVG%20Air.mp3”
  7. Open a new tab in the browser and copy this URL to the URL area
  8. You will see the audio controls and the music start playing
  9. With the mouse on the audio control, click on the right mouse button and select the ‘Save video/audio as’ – this will save the file to your computer.

Let me know if you have any issues.

BTW you will be doing me a favor by downloading the mp3 files. I have these files sitting on Amazon cloud where storage is cheap, but I also get charged when people stream or download the files. I don’t mind these charges which are actually pretty small.  If you download and listen from your own machines, then Amazon will not charging me 🙂