A surprise find – partial concert of K J Yesudas

Recently, I started reviewing the recordings of Emani Sankara Sastry so that I could share his recordings on this blog. And surprisingly tucked away among the various concerts of Emani (solo, with MSG and with Lalgudi), the third part of a concert with the tail end of the concert had a recording of K J Yesudas with M S Gopalakrishnan and T V Gopalakrishnan (not named but easily determined). There is no information on the date of the concert or its location and unfortunately not complete either.

Here you have Yesudas with his wonderful voice and great accompaniment which I enjoyed very much and hope you will too.

  • varNam – nATTai
  • vAtApi gaNapatim – hamsadwani
  • brOva bArama – bahuDari
  • manasulOni marmalanu – hindOLam
  • illAdadai virumbi kETTugirAi  – mAyAmALavagowLa

Having mentioned Emani at the onset, I will be sharing the recordings of his in the near future.

Updates to Madurai Somasundaram

I have updated the page for Madurai Somasundaram page, resulting a whole lot more concerts that you will be able to listen and enjoy.

I have created two sub-pages for concerts with Lalgudi Jayaraman and M Chandrasekaran, who seem to be his preferred accompanying violinists. I also added a bunch of concerts with other accompaniments and unknown accompaniments in the main page for Somu.

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