Jaunpuri Collection

Will start of this set with Hindi Film songs that are based on this rag.

Possibly Kavindra can start using this as the starter pack (techie term!) for appreciation of classical music πŸ˜‰

Now the renderings in the classical genre

Abdul Halim Jafar Khan

Ajoy Chakraborthy

Amjad Ali Khan

Arthi Ankalikar

Ashwini Bhide

Bade Gule Ali Khan

Bhimsen Joshi

Bismillah Khan

Chand Khan

D V Paluskar

Fateh Ali Khan

Fayyaz Khan

Gauhar Jan

Gundecha Brothers

Kishori Amonkar

Mailini Rajurkar

Mallikarjun Mansoor

Nikhil Banerjee

Parveen Sultana

Purbyan Chatterji

Rajab Ali Khan

Pandit Ramnarayan

Roshanara Begum


Sharan Rani

Vinakak Torvi

5 thoughts on “Jaunpuri Collection

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  2. Sorry I looked at the wrong side of Starter pack hence was confused ! The real starter pack when heard was great since I could understand most and 5 out of 6 songs were well known. The last one started with Kishori Amonkar and then switched to Bhimsen ! Was confused but it was great and unheard composition of Bhimsen, at least for me.
    Thanks for so considerate ! Enjoyed it. But perhaps I will still stay with Starter pack as it is very enjoyable in terms of ‘meaning also’ πŸ™‚

  3. But on starter pack, some commentary should have been there from you or Vijay about each composition. Much appreciation can be then derived to initiate someone to take plunge into the next section.

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