Recordings from Vinyl Records

While growing up in the 70s, Radio and LP player at home was the main source of music; In the early 80s while staying in the US, I came into buying a bunch of Vinyls from labels like ‘Nonesuch Records’ of KVN, Ramnad Krishnan etc who were recorded during their visits to Wesleyan in the 60’s.

These records and many others that were purchased in the 70s have been sitting with me waiting for some action from perhaps. And a couple of months ago, my daughter Kavita who spent 7 weeks in Maine returned with a couple of Vinyls (Western Classical music) that she got for a couple of dollars from a library.

I have added a page with the recordings from these records.

I did not digitize the single 78 RPM record of M S Subbulakshmi I have. The player refuses to go past 3 minute mark and the record seems to have at least 20 seconds of music left on each side. If I do change my mind in digitizing the truncated version I will do that in the future.

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