In memory of MSG’s death anniversary

In memory of his third death anniversary, added a couple of recordings to the MSG page.

An RTP in tODi from a concert in the 70’s along with his brother M S Anantaraman. It is a chaste rendering with absolutely no influence of hindustani idiom that I have listened to countless times.

In the tAnam portion, he uses pizzicato (plucking strings)  with such ease, clarity and gamakams too that makes it memorable.

Another standalone piece I listen very frequently is in bhavapriyA. Watch out for the sruti bEdam in the alapana part and the gati changes in the swarams portion.


4 thoughts on “In memory of MSG’s death anniversary

  1. Thanks for U/l this in addition to other treasure in your Blog.You may not beleive I am hooked to your Blog since last week enjoying different concerts.DKJ’s two songs in Saranga and Natabhairavi I heard for the first time.

    Thanks once again for sharing the treasure.
    VS Manjunath

  2. An excellent blog. I came across this by chance. Do you remember one Sudarshan from Bangalore ? I wonder whether you are the same Shankar Krish who introduced me to the charm of Voleti Venkateshwarulu’s music. Sudarshan.

    • Yes, I am. I could not forget you for some of the memorable concerts that I have were from you when we met in the late 80’s.

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