Some Reorganization and D K Patammal

The model I had used for accessing the various artists thru drop downs was getting unwieldy and so I decide it was time to reorganize the menus and went thru the process of making the changes. Now, there are pages specific to each group where you have list of artists or collections that one can click on to access the pages.

This reorganization has resulted in the URL’s to the various pages to change; so any links that you may have saved and the links that I have in my previous blog posts will not work. Please access the pages thru the menus at the top of the page.

I also added a bunch of concerts of D. K. Pattammal – enjoy.

Updates to Voleti Venkateswarulu page

I have added a bunch of concerts of Voleti to the existing collection. You can find them under the heading “New Additions” on the Voleti page. There are a couple of them without any accompaniments and those are really enjoyable. I have a bunch of tracks that are from his ‘sangeeta sikshana’ program – i have to clean them up and get them in the right order before I can push them to this page – it would certainly be very useful from a learning perspective.

I am now using to store the recordings and I found that Chrome does not work well with the archive audio player displaying the error “Invalid media” or something similar (not consistent either). But these work fine on FireFox and IE. So if you have any issues in playing on Chrome, please use Firefox, IE or Safari.

Happy Listening 🙂


S Balachandar

Known as the eccentric genius who in addition to being master of Veena, also directed movies and many other things.

While there are a lot of recordings out there in the youtube world, there are a couple of recordings that I listen quite frequently and today was one such day.

The first one is an elaborate bhavapriyA and I relish it every time I listen. The other equally good bhavapriyA I listen to is by MSG who takes a very different approach in the alapana part. No idea who the violin accompaniment, but has done well to keep with SB without interfering a wee bit – love that model of accompaniment.

The next one is hamsAnAdam with MSG and UKS (thanks to Arvind Raghuraman for the recording on One could question the melody part of the rendering which is at a breakneck speed – both SB and MSG exhibit the mastery on their instruments. Would love to listen to the rest of that concert.

These tracks are uploaded to; of late, I have encountered problems playing the tracks in Chrome. If you get an error please use Firefox.