My First Blog

Welcome to my first blog.

Blogs were very effectively used in the last presidential election – whike there are differing accounts of which party actually leveraged the blogosphere to their advantage, the elections did provide an environment for blogs to become mainsteram. Believe it, it also became a means for people to make money varying from peanuts to indecent numbers for simply documenting their views, agendas and a lot of useless information in real time with no filters, analaysis and contemplation.

So what we have in the blogosphere is a whole lot of useless information that people spend time reading, commenting and getting duped at times in the process – the “Steve Jobs Blog” which was actually run by a journalist is a classic example of how blogs were abused.

At the same time, there is no doubt, that blogs can be used a very effective platform for sharing ideas and getting comments from the users particulalry for web based marketplaces such as; In web based market place there are 10 silent users who prefer to remain silent or walk away from the site for every user who takes the effort to complain to the customer support – and without a proper feedback mechanism, web based marketplaces are at a disadvantage in getting a complete view of feedback from irs users.

Here is where blogs come to rescue – while users may hesitate to submit error reports, they are attracted to blogs like ‘you-know-what’ (leave it to your imagination).


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