After a long hiatus

I pretty much forgot about this blog site I had set up a long time ago. The intent then was linked to activities at work.

Recently I registered the domain, which was surprisingly available. Years ago when I checked, it has been taken !  Then i started considering setting up a WordPress machine on Amazon Cloud so that i could start posting stuff; that turned into not so easy to accomplish (I am still on it at this time) and then I thought ‘why not get a blog site on WordPress’. On attempting to register, found that it was already registered and showed content that i had created eons ago. Shockingly, I could remember my userid and password too. Yay 🙂

I have been thinking about how I can listen my recordings that i have (mp3) from anywhere and without anyone hounding me about mistaken copyrights. The algorithms used  by YouTube is atrocious – if i push a recording of me singing vaishnava janoto, i am told that the copyright belongs to some recording company in India; really !

For storage amazon S3 is a perfect place and the price is modest too. At least I can push all the ‘private’ and ‘non-public’ recordings I have and listen to them; i could even share this info with my friends who would be enjoy these recordings.

Here is the first try with the basic media plugin from WordPress.

Fabulous singing by KVN and a tani by Trichur Narendran.

Enjoy 🙂


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