Dr S. Ramanathan

He is another musician I have not had an opportunity to listen in person and added to that is the fact that I was quite unaware of him and his music for what i can say were my early listening time. Obviosuly it was my shortcoming and perhaps lack of initiative in looking for high quality musicians in those days.

It was indeed a rude surprise that I got to know of him and his music from my aunt Late Savitri Satyamurthy (violin) who used to accompany him in a lot of concerts. She not only got me hooked into his music but also helped me in getting hold of a copy of his Music Academy concert of 1985 !! One of the recordings below has my aunt accompanying in a radio concert 🙂

All I can say is that I enjoy his music tremendously and his unique approach in employing gamakams from minimal to the so called normal levels brings out a beauty that are beyond my ability to explain. One composition that left an indelible mark is ‘vEl edutta kaiyyE ‘ in toDi – not a very often heard composition.

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2 thoughts on “Dr S. Ramanathan

  1. In the very first concert of Dr S Ramanathan that you have uploaded (T N Krishnan & U K Sivaraman – 1984), the second krithi is Vinatha Sutha Rara in Huseni by Saint Thyagaraja (not Jayanthasena as you have noted). The Jayanthasena krithi is Vinatha Suthavahana.

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