Travel Blog – Why not?

We as a family have always travelled as long as I can remember. The days of travelling with young kids, pre-teens and teen years during their school vacations was always interesting to say the least – a mixed of bag of experience depending on the time of the year, mood of the person(s), location etc etc but at the end of it, it was always an enjoyable experience.

Now with the children on their own and at college, my wife and I have gotten to travelling on a frequent basis – weekend trips, short trips etc. And with this digital age of pictures and videos that are the fingertips, it is only natural that there is this urge to start sharing the experiences (that some of the information gets shared on facebook does not faze me ;-)).

In other words, I will join the bandwagon of people blogging their travel experiences, but without any changes to my music related posts.


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