Updates to Madurai Somasundaram

I have updated the page for Madurai Somasundaram page, resulting a whole lot more concerts that you will be able to listen and enjoy.

I have created two sub-pages for concerts with Lalgudi Jayaraman and M Chandrasekaran, who seem to be his preferred accompanying violinists. I also added a bunch of concerts with other accompaniments and unknown accompaniments in the main page for Somu.

Click here to get to Madurai Somasundaram page.

One thought on “Updates to Madurai Somasundaram

  1. Hi Sri Shankar Krish,
    We are listening to scores of your beautiful recordings of eminent musicians including my revered Guru sri Nedunuri. It is a great service you are rendering to the preservation and promotion of our traditional classical music of India to all levels of listeners ! Congratulations and thank you very much. Please continue to provide this pleasure. yours, Subba Narasiah

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