D Pasupati

I came to know that Sri D Pasupati passed away recently while checking out the forums on rasikas.org. He is not widely known, but very well known within the Kalakshetra community as he had spend a good amount of time at Kalakshetra, Chennai. The obituary in The Hindu was very well written leaving little scope for others to say more about him.

I have always enjoyed listening to a couple of his recordings (one concert and an assorted collection), that Sri Kulkarni generously shared with me quite a while ago. Some of the compositions that you can listen to in the tracks below are rarely heard and his style of rendering these compositions makes them even more special.

First a full concert at Kalakshetra:

You can hear a detailed introduction of him at the start of the concert.

An assorted collection:

Enjoy 🙂


Some Reorganization and D K Patammal

The model I had used for accessing the various artists thru drop downs was getting unwieldy and so I decide it was time to reorganize the menus and went thru the process of making the changes. Now, there are pages specific to each group where you have list of artists or collections that one can click on to access the pages.

This reorganization has resulted in the URL’s to the various pages to change; so any links that you may have saved and the links that I have in my previous blog posts will not work. Please access the pages thru the menus at the top of the page.

I also added a bunch of concerts of D. K. Pattammal – enjoy.