Madurai T N Seshagopalan

It was in 1983 while living in Boston, I got the opportunity to listen to TNS and it was an electrifying concert in terms of his presence, the tempo and his ability to bring out the essence of the ragams he presented.

There has been a lot said about him and I see no reason to say anymore.

In the 90’s when I moved to Pittsburgh, I listened to quite a few of his concerts in Pittsburgh and Cleveland. One concert in Pittsburgh which was initially stated as Veena concert morphed into a vocal concert and that is a concert that left an indelible mark; his main piece was RTP in shanmukapriya and during the alapana, he went thru a bunch of ragams in the shruti bedam mode and it was quite amazing the way he executed it; most of the audience were scratching their heads and before any conclusion he had moved on to another!! If I am not wrong, the violinist too had trouble in a couple of spots.

He has been accompanied by so many violinists over time and the concerts are grouped accordingly as below.

Concerts with Lalgudi Jayaraman – Click on the line

Concerts from his US tour of 1983 – with S D Sridhar – Click on the line

Concerts with Karaikudi Mani – Click on the line

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